price of the 15-minute-treatment: HUF 500.-

The Chi device has a general health-preserving effect, prevents the development of illnesses, improves healing and strengthens the immune system. Walking is one of the most defining health-preservation activities to all age-groups.

The movement generated by the machine reduces blood pressure, the rest pulse - just like walking. In the most comfortable body position, lying, during 15 minutes you can have as many aerobe body movements as if you walked slowly or walked for one and a half hours.

Its effects:

  • it reduces tiredness, eliminates sleeping disturbances
  • releases the muscle system thus it can beneficially reduce pains in the back arising from stiff muscles
  • it strengthens the lymph and immune systems therefore its usage is recommended where oedema is present
  • it helps digestion, eliminates excreta, disintoxicates by increasing metabolism
  • it increases life energy instantly that can be felt
  • it causes abundance of blood along the spine and improves its oxygen supply
  • it can speed loosing body weight
  • it increases and restores the oxygen supply of blood
  • it can eliminate pains arising from the abrasion of bones
  • it helps establishing muscle tone and preserving muscle shape
  • it mitigates pain in the back, the joints and migraine as well.
  • it is a comfortable method of relieving the stress and tiredness of the whole day.

Upon the effect of movement, the energy balance of the cells is improved in the long run, which activates the internal self-healing flows. During the usage of the device, the blood supply to the body is increased considerably thus, oxygen supply is also increased. Movement harmonises the meridian system of the body - known from acupuncture - and releases energy blocks. The poisonous materials are drained from the body, the excess weight, accumulated water and the folds of fat can disappear because metabolism is activated.


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The price per night includes the following: accommodation in a classic room, buffet-style breakfast, in addition the unlimited usage of our wellness unit / medicinal pool, Finnish sauna, infra sauna, immersion pool, steam cabin, salt chamber, Jacuzzi / fitness room, gaming room / billiard, table-tennis, table-soccer, one jug of alkali health water per day, bathing-gown if requested, WiFi all over the hotel, closed car park and VAT.

In addition to the price of the room, the tourism tax is payable by guests over 18. 
Level: HUF 350/person/night

Eating types:

  • Buffet style breakfast: From 7 until 10 o'clock unlimited food-drink consumption.
  • Half-board: A' la carte lunch or dinner, or in case of full-house smorgasbord dinner with 8-9 dishes.
  • Menu: Menu featured 2 dish lunch from 3 choosable sets (A, B or C with dessert and extra charge)

Érkezés és Távozás: 

A szállodai szobák érkezés napján délután 14 órától, távozás napján délelőtt 10 óráig állnak rendelkezésükre! Az ettől eltérő időpontban történő érkezést kérjük előre jelezni szíveskedjenek! Előzetes értesítés hiányában a szállodai szobákat érkezés napján 18:00 óráig áll módunkban fenntartani.

Lemondás: A lemondás érkezés előtt 7 nappal kötbérmentes, érkezés előtt 6-3 nappal a szállásár 25%-a, érkezés előtt 2-0 nappal a szállásár 50%-a, lemondás nélküli távolmaradás esetén a szállásár 100 % -a fizetendő kötbérként.

Basic services:

Free Wifi

We provide our guests free WiFi access throughout the hotel.

Closed car park

We provide our guests free WiFi access throughout the hotel.

Alkali health water

We provide our guests free WiFi access throughout the hotel.


We provide our guests free WiFi access throughout the hotel.

Resorter programme

We provide our guests free WiFi access throughout the hotel.