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The Hajnal Hotel is waiting for it's guests with the best-equipped medicinal department of the region all the year.

Medicinal pools

 With our own medicinal water and thermal pools we are looking forward to receive all the desired people for relaxation and recovery.


 The wellness and spa department assures an all-round recreation and regeneration for our guests.

Special offers

Favourable offers for our new- and revenant guest all the year.


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"Február végén, március elején két akciós csomag csatolásával, kiváló ár/érték aránnyal sikerült 4 éjszakát eltöltenünk Önöknél. Mint másfél éve, most is teljes megelégedéssel utaztunk haza. Reményeim szerint a következő látogatásunkra nem fogunk újabb két évet várni." Kozma István / 2015. március 04., szerda

Hajnal Hotel can be found at a distance of 3 kilometres from Mezõkövesd and 3 km from Zsóry-Gyógy és Strandfürdõ ("Zsóry Medicinal Bath and Spa") that is famous for its unique sulphuric water.

By its own thermal water, Hajnal Hotel is looking forward to its guests that long for healing and recreation. The 36-38 C-sulphuric water, breaking out from 485 metres, is a natural wonder, supplemented by Northern Hungary's favourable micro-climate.

Zsóry-fürdõ is a nice medicinal resort with industry-free clean air and calm environment. The days spent here are made unforgettable by its medicinal water and its surroundings, with the thousands of places of interest, programmes and gastronomic experiences.

Hajnal Hotel provides high-level accommodation, restaurant and health therapy services near the medicinal bath at a silent, calm place.

Its modern rooms furnished selectively, most of which are supplied with a terrace, mean a favourable choice among the accommodation opportunities of Mezõkövesd and Zsóry-fürdõ. The Hotel offers a wide scope of therapy and wellness services (massage, sauna, whirlpool bath).

In a 100 km-zone thousands of places of interest attract visitors. Among them there are historical towns like Eger and Miskolc and medicinal baths such as Bogács and Egerszalók.

Hajnal Hotel entertains its guests with innumerable programmes all the year long. 

We are looking forward to You!

Hajnal Hotel is looking forward to guests that:

Wish for a change and search a silent, calm place with high-quality conditions where active recreation is provided at affordable prices

  • Have rheumatic problems
  • Have had operations in their movement organs
  • Have gynaecological problems or Psoriasis (scaly tetter)
  • Are tired, exhausted

The medicinal water of Hajnal Hotel is recommended against the following illnesses:

  • illnesses of the movement organs, rheumatism
  • arthritis, arthrosis, gout
  • post-treatment of wounds, breaks
  • paralysis following cerebral apoplexy
  • inflammation in the genital organs
  • cutaneous diseases (scaly tetter)
  • mental and physical tiredness

Basic services:

Free Wifi

We provide our guests free WiFi access throughout the hotel.

Closed car park

We provide our guests free WiFi access throughout the hotel.

Alkali health water

We provide our guests free WiFi access throughout the hotel.


We provide our guests free WiFi access throughout the hotel.

Resorter programme

We provide our guests free WiFi access throughout the hotel.